My six favourite books on Personal Finance & Investing

Cleona Lira
10 min readAug 29, 2020

Hi! I am Cleona, founder of Conscious Money. My channel helps you on how to have freedom and clarity with money and life.

In this video, I recommend a range of books which hopefully will be very engrossing to read whilst also helping you learn about the world of investing and insights into your own beliefs and behaviours around money.


Today is a very exciting topic for me. Books. I love books and you probably do too. I have a range of books for you today which hopefully will be a very engrossing read while also helping you to learn about the world of investing and insights into your own beliefs and behaviors around money.

I always find more books than I can read and I’m excited to have a big pile of books on my study table. I only read nonfiction and because I work as a financial advisor I am passionate about learning about this world of money and investing, the psychology of money, the history of stock markets and so my choice of books reflects this.

I have tried to pick books that are a little bit off-piste… although, you probably have heard of one of the books for sure on this list. I will be mentioning the books today in a random order.

1.Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth by Nick Murray

The first book I have for you today is called Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth by Nick Murray. I was fortunate enough to buy Nick Murray’s book ‘The Excellent Investment Advisor’ early on in my advisory career. It made complete sense to me, stressing the role of an investment adviser as a behavioural coach.

Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth is a great buy for you to get your investing foundations strong — a 1999 copy set me back about £25 and it is worth it! There is a more recent edition and I think it is 2008 so some of the investment information or stock market data might be a little bit outdated… however, I would still recommend buying this book because the value of this book is more to do with understanding your investment foundations.

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