Family Constellations and Money

Cleona Lira
5 min readOct 2, 2019

Family constellations? Huh? It sounded like some bizarre concept when one of my best friends, who I trust immensely and is a trained Psychotherapist requested that I accompany her to a family constellation day. I didn’t do much research, which is probably best as the most effective way to understand this for me was attending and experiencing this in action.

After the day ended with my friend, I didn’t think too much of it and noticed that my friend was glowing with a sense of optimism about decisions she was really worried about before; she even picked me to represent her mother on the day. This was after we agreed beforehand this wouldn’t happen as I knew too much of the ‘inside’ stuff; we laughed about this later. This experience was a few years ago.

As I take quite a keen interest in the relationship with money work, looking at different methodologies to explore money appeals to me and when I heard ‘money constellations’, it intuitively felt right to investigate further.

I attended my own first money constellation weekend in September 2018 with 2 amazing facilitators — Barbara Morgan and Ty Francis. They run an annual event in Cheshire, in the UK; they have impressive qualifications and experience and seemed to approach their work with a high degree of care, ethics and dedication. I won’t say much about my experience — it was very powerful and with some fairly deep changes in real life which perhaps are still unravelling; all I did was ask a question that first morning which got very emotional for me and lo and behold, I had initiated my very first family constellation.

After attending the constellation, in September, I read quite a few books on the topic. Here are some useful things I learned about family and money constellation work:

1. Success has the face of the mother.

2. Accepting your family, parents especially as they are is important. So is being grateful to them for life.

3. If you feel blocked about your life, money, work or business, there could be deeper work to be done within your family system.

4. It is possible also that you had a perfectly wonderful childhood and yet carry some unhealed aspects of the family system with you.

5. All work around money has deeper roots than we can imagine. Ty Francis said this.

6. As a client in a constellation, one can feel deeply loyal to the problem…



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